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Established in the beginning of 2011, UMF has earned the greater confidence in the shipping community in a short period of time. With the benefits of experience and international network of contacts with the major suppliers, the team of UMF is able to secure the most competitive prices and attractive payment terms, maintaining the highest level of service at many ports in the Baltic and Northern Seas. Whether you are looking for 15 mtns of MGO in Vyborg or 1500 mtns of IFO in St. Petersburg, UMF will always have the latest and complete information and can guide you in respect of timing and availability. Quality issues are always a concern for any owner or operator, and UMF is always at the forefront in ensuring the strict quality control of marine fuels as well as promoting and ensuring safe bunkering practice. Our comprehensive knowledge of regional market conditions helps us meet your bunkering requirements. We are actively working to attract new partners worldwide, giving each partner our full attention and assistance on a 24/7 basis.
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